Frequently Asked Questions


What is Weddr?

Weddr is a collaborative video recording app for weddings. It allows multiple guests to shoot the wedding using their mobile phones, and the footage is combined into one video.

How does Weddr work?

A Weddr shoot can be bought as a gift for the couple, or by the organisers for the guests to get involved. Once a shoot has been purchased, the guests who will be filming simply download the Weddr app, input the unique code for their shoot and begin filming. If they run out of clips, more can be purchased within the app at anytime. Once the filming is finished, our team of editors use the clips to create a highlight video of the wedding. The completed video can be downloaded from our website, along with all of the raw footage.

How many people can film the wedding?

As many as you like! You can invite extra people at any time, everyone gets 20 free clips and can buy extra clips if necessary. You could even have multiple shoots for the same wedding and have a number of videos made of the big day!

How do I start a shoot?

Simply purchase a shoot here (, you’ll receive an email with instructions and your unique shoot code (which you’ll also get in a text message), once your film crew have downloaded the app they just need this code and then you are ready!

Can we use photos as well as videos?

At this stage, no. It is something that we are looking into but for the moment Weddr is only for video. We recommend using social media to collate your guest’s photos.

When will our video be ready?

We can’t guarantee the amount of time that it will take due to a number of variables, however we aim to have completed videos back with our customers within a week.

Is Weddr a replacement for a professional wedding videographer?

We see Weddr as a fun addition to having a videographer, or a reasonably priced alternative. A professional will understand how to compose shots, get the right lighting and will be able to provide good quality footage.

Weddr allows several people to film the wedding and get a lot of coverage, as well as friends and family being able to add a personal touch. The other advantage over a professional if that the shoot can begin before the wedding, showing the build up, the evening before, both people getting ready etc…

So ideally, both would be best as they have key differences and will provide different types of video in the end. Videographers don’t come cheap however and Weddr does provide a reasonably priced opportunity to have a video of the wedding.


What phones are compatible with Weddr?

Any smartphone running the latest version of iOS. We are currently working on an Android version which will be available in the next few weeks.

If you have any technical questions which you can’t find an answer to, please get in touch with our support team by emailing


Do you have an affiliate programme?

We are currently working on setting up our affiliate programme. Please get in touch for more information.

I have a wedding related business and would like to work with Weddr. Who do I contact?

If you’d like to work with us please drop us an email to

I have a wedding related business or website and would like to promote Weddr. Who do I contact?

If you are are interested in promoting Weddr, take a look at our Affiliate Programme (LINK), or send us a message to

If you have a question which is not covered in our FAQs, then please pop it in an email to our customer support team


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